• Alim Course (16+)


    Al Kawthar Academy presents a part time ʿĀlim & ʿĀlimah course in English and Arabic, taught by qualified ʿūlamā and ʿālimāt.This part time course, based on a classical curriculum, is designed to help beginners progress from an elementary stage to a very advanced level in Arabic and Islamic Studies.Taught in English with a progressive focus on Arabic, it comprises an in depth study of many disciplines of Arabic and Islamic studies, including Arabic language and literature, theology, Qurān, adīth and Fiqh.

    Course Outline and syllabus

    • The ʿĀlim course is a seven year course.
    • The academic year is from Ramaḍān till Ramaḍān and will include approximately 42 weeks with 12 hours of study per week.

    The first year of the course will entail:

    • A detailed study of the fundamentals of the structure, grammar and morphology of the Arabic language.  Along with worksheets, books studied will include ‘Arabic Tutor’ & ‘Treasures of Arabic Morphology’.
    • Aided readings, practice, and structural and grammatical analysis of various texts in both Classical Arabic as well as Modern Standard Arabic.  These texts will include ‘Qaa ʾl Nabiyyīn’‘al Qirāʾh ʾl Rāshidah’, as well as the Madīnah Arabic course.
    • A study with commentary of ‘NūʾĪḍāḥ’, a classical introductory text in Arabic of Ḥanafi fiqh.

    Students with previous knowledge and experience of Arabic and Islamic studies who wish to enrol on an advanced year of the course may contact the Academy for further details of the syllabus.

    Dates and Timings

    • Course Start Date: Monday 01 August 2016.
    • The course will be taught four days a week, Monday to Thursday, three hours a day.
    • Brothers: 7:00pm till 10:00pm.
    • Sisters: 7:00pm till 10:00pm.
    • Although attendance of the Bukhāri dars on Friday evening is not obligatory, it is strongly recommended as it complements the course.
    • Holidays will generally be in line with public holidays.


    • Minimum entry age for the course is 16.
    • Unfortunately, the al Kawthar Academy does not currently have crèche facilities.  If you are eager to enrol on the course and have small children who may have to accompany you, please call the Academy to discuss further.
    • No detailed knowledge of the Arabic language is necessary. However, students should at least be able to recognise and read the Arabic script of the Qurān, even if it be slowly and without comprehension.


    The course fee per annum is £1,100 which can be paid outright at the beginning of the year or as a deposit of £200 on enrolment and then in 9 monthly instalments of £100.  Fees should preferably be paid by standing order, but cheques and cash are also acceptable.

    Course Venue

    Al Kawthar Academy
    62 Gough Road
    LE5 4AN

    To enrol, or for further information please contact us at:


    Tel: +44 (0) 116 246 1011
    Tel: +44 (0) 121 773 5191
    Tel: +44 (0) 798 432 1816

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