Content Soul

A collection of words of wisdom and excerpts from the spiritual gatherings of Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq

May, 2018

April, 2018

  • 19 April

    Love not Hate

    In a hadīth related by Imām Aḥmad ibn Ḥanbal in his Musnad and others, Rasūl Allāh ﷺ says “The disease of the nations of yore has crept into you, which is envy, and malice/hatred is the shaver. I do not say that it shaves hair, rather it shaves religion. By Allāh in Whose Hand rests my soul, you will never …

  • 12 April

    Be the Better One

    In a hadīth we learn that Uqbah ibn Amir رضى الله عنه took hold of Prophet’s ﷺ hand and said “Oh Messenger of Allah, inform me of the virtuous deeds.” Prophet ﷺ said 3 things to him: “Bond and join relations with the one who severs relations with you, give to one who deprives you and turn away from and …

March, 2018

  • 29 March

    Sticks and Stones

    The concept of ‘sticks and stones may break bones, but words never hurt’ does not stand in Islam. In Islam, we have always been taught that words can hurt as much as stones. Words can inflict as much pain as sticks. A broken bone can be mended, but a broken heart can not as easily be mended from hurtful words. …

  • 8 March

    A Suspended Duʿā

    A person’s duʿā remains suspended between the heaven and the earth until he sends salutations on the Prophet ﷺ – – Umar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb (عمر بن الخطاب) رضى الله عنه

  • 1 March

    Be Careful What You Say

    We should be careful what we say and when. We do not know when Allāh will accept our duʿā or our words.