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A collection of words of wisdom and excerpts from the spiritual gatherings of Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq

May, 2021

  • 6 May

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 24: Tranquility

    “The spirit of the masjid is calmness and tranquillity. Masjids are a place of silence and contemplation, of dignity and respect.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 5 May

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 23: Unchained

    “The shayatīn (devils) are locked up in Ramaḍān so why do we still sin? The shayatīn are chained but we remain unchained – our nafs is weak.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 4 May

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 22: Spiritual Retreat

    “The original meaning of i’tikāf was to devote oneself and focus oneself on something to the exclusion of everything else. Ramadan is a form of iʿtikāf for the entire month. We should treat the whole of Ramaḍān as a spiritual retreat where we devote ourselves to, and focus on, the ibadah of Allāh to the exclusion of everything else.” – …

  • 3 May

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 21: Time For Change

    “The atmosphere and climate of Ramaḍān has a positive effect – it is a good time to change.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 2 May

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 20: Bad Speech

    “Fasting involves passively avoiding food and drink but actively avoiding bad speech.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 1 May

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 19: Constant Review

    “Committing certain sins has become second nature to us; there is no remorse, guilt or repentance. To deal with this, we need a higher level of consciousness. We need to constantly review and meditate upon what we need to do to become a better person.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

April, 2021

  • 30 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 18: Gain Knowledge

    “We cannot remain ignorant about the words of Allāh; we have a duty to understand and gain knowledge about the words of the Qur’ān” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 29 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 17: Quranic Recitation

    “The world is abuzz with Qur’ānic recitation in Ramaḍān. The Qur’ān, by far, is and will always be the most oft-read and recited book ever.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 28 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 16: Training

    “Ramaḍān is only for a few select days, but it provides training for the entire year.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 27 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 15: Pure Speech

    “Sins of the mind, heart and tongue are harder to refrain from than sins of the limbs” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 26 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 14: Sins of the Limbs

    “Sins of the mind, heart and tongue are harder to refrain from than sins of the limbs” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 25 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 13: Discipline

    “Ramaḍān is a month of sacrifice, discipline and taqwā.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 24 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 12: Awareness

    “One of the spiritual benefits of a proper fast is that it creates a higher level of consciousness and awareness of Allāh.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 23 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 11: Argument

    “Ramaḍān is the last of times to argue or raise our voices” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 22 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 10: Cautious

    “Fasting makes a person conscious of Allāh. When a person is conscious of Allāh, he will be cautious of Allāh. This is Taqwā.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 20 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 8: True Fast

    “A true fast is also of the heart and mind: to observe a true fast you do not entertain any thoughts or feelings which are ḥarām.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 19 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 7: Silence

    “It is easy to abstain from food but avoiding a slip of the tongue is difficult. Ramaḍān is a good time to practice silence.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 18 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 6: Ruh

    “For eleven months of the year we starve the rūḥ and lavish all our attention on the external carriage (our physical body)” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 17 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 5: Training

    “Ramaḍān is a month of training, to allow us to refrain from ḥarām and all harmful things including vulgar speech.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

  • 16 April

    Ramadan 2021 – Day 4: Sanctity

    “The hours, days and nights of Ramaḍān are sacred and one should be mindful of their sanctity just as one is mindful of the sanctity of the ḥaram.” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq