Gratitude Part 2

Gratitude Part 2
Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on Friday 30th October 2020 at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester

Gratitude can be shown in every part of our daily life; from the food we eat, to the health and wealth that Allah has blessed us with. This two-part series explores a variety of blessings we should be grateful for, how to express gratitude and the dangers of ingratitude.

This talk starts by emphasising our fundamental blessings such as food and health and how one should not equate their differing degrees of blessings to their own good deeds, or lack thereof. Rather both Allah’s giving and withholding are a test and thus two sides of the same coin. Also, being tested in mental health should be seen without stigma, in the same way as when a person is tested in physical health.

Ahadith and verses of the Quran are quoted to show pious individuals being grateful to Allah for their good deeds rather than ascribing them to themselves. A sense of satisfaction for ones deeds is described as being different from having impermissible pride over them.

Gratefulness is also connected to other positive spiritual traits – sabr and contentment – whilst ingratitude is said to go hand-in-hand with stinginess.

Below are some of the timecodes and topics for this talk:

0:00 – Intro: Blessing of food
8:05 – The blessing of our eyes
14:25 – Speech impediment of Musa a.s
25:29 – How can we be grateful?
30:09 – Grateful for our good deeds
41:05 – The truthfulness of Ka’b ibn Malik
50:09 – Connection of ingratitude and stinginess
1:03:27 – Worldly benefits of gratitude

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