The Prophet’s ﷺ Gratitude

The Prophet’s ﷺ Gratitude
Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on Friday 4th December 2020 at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester

The Prophet ﷺ was a leading example when showing gratitude towards the creation and the Creator. Many du’ā uttered by the Prophet ﷺ include words of gratitude to Allāh and he would often pray excessively for those who carried out favours for him.

This talk starts by establishing that it is a command of Allāh that we acknowledge Him and that gratitude is a manifestation of that acknowledgement. It shows how previous prophets showed gratitude and how the Prophet ﷺ was told to follow in their footsteps. The Prophet’s ﷺ gratitude to Allāh is shown by his ‘ibādah, the wording of his du’ā and his dhikr, all of which are mentioned to be connected to gratitude.

Thereafter the gratitude of the Prophet ﷺ to the creation is mentioned, including his genuine generosity. Several examples show how the Prophet ﷺ showed gratitude to the ṣaḥābah and even non-Muslims and enemies for kind actions. The talk emphasises the need to reciprocate favours of other humans, even if by making du’ā’ for them.

Below are some of the timecodes and topics for this talk:

0:00 – Intro: Acknowledgement of Allāh
9:43 – Worship of Allāh connected to shukr
19:00 – Du’ā beginning with the praise of Allāh
28:22 – The Prophet’s ﷺ habit of sleeping
38:05 – Irrational fear of poverty
46:35 – Sincere du’ā for others
51:40 – The Prophet’s ﷺ du’ā for others
1:03:52 – Gratitude towards non-Muslims
1:18:55 – Description of the Prophet ﷺ in earlier scriptures

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