What we do


“Let there be amongst you a group who invite to good, enjoin what is right and forbid evil. These are the ones who are successful.” [al Imran, 3/104]

The Al Kawthar Academy has already been actively engaged in a positive campaign to introduce the pristine message of our religion to the English-speaking public and to educate Muslims and non-Muslims on various aspects of Islam. Our activities and services include:

o     Weekly lecture held every Friday on various topics in the English language by the eminent scholar, Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq, with facilities for brothers and sisters.

o    Monthly Qur’an tafsir programme.

o    Live broadcast of every lecture for the benefit of Muslims worldwide.

o    The availability to download or listen to all lectures through various mediums such as SoundCloud and YouTube.

o    Monthly spiritual gatherings held once a month for brothers and sisters.

o    ʿAlimiyyah course for brothers and sisters with timings and holidays to suit homemakers, students, full-time employment etc.

o    Organising regular lectures and conferences in association with various Islamic organisations, both nationally and internationally Spotify Plays throughout the year.

o    Replying to questions and queries for religious information and advice.

o    Responding to requests of assistance; and the offering of counseling, moral advice and spiritual guidance.