Get Involved

Listed below are just a few of the methods by which you can assist in the dawah efforts of the Al Kawthar Academy.

Make a Donation

The Al Kawthar Academy is a registered charity. All funds generated by the Al Kawthar Academy, either through donations or sales, are reinvested in order to fund our dawah efforts. The Al Kawthar Academy is a waqf organisation and we do our best to ensure that running costs are kept to a bare minimum. You can make a donation by a number of methods, please visit our Donations Page

Spread our message through social media, online and sms

We send regular updates through sms, e-mail, facebook, twitter and youtube. If you feel these are beneficial, please forward to your contacts so they in turn may benefit.

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Come to the Weekly Classes

If you live outside of Leicester you could try to make arrangements with friends and family so as to visit Leicester to attend the classes. Nothing in the dunya is gained without giving something in return. Islam is a religion of sacrifice, not ease and luxury. Many of the greatest scholars of Islam travelled thousands of miles on foot to gain knowledge. Coming in person to the weekly classes, rather than listening to it live or later, has additional benefits; such as the blessings gained by the gathering. Please bear in mind that when travelling the best provision for any journey is taqwa and that Shari rulings should be observed when travelling.

Posters & Leaflets

The Al Kawthar Academy produces various posters and leaflets usually advertising the subject of the regular classes on Fridays at the Al Kawthar Academy in Leicester. If you contact us we can send you this poster so that you may display it in your local Masjid and other popular locations. Often the best form of dawah is through personal example. History bears testimony to the fact that millions embraced Islam only through observing the conduct of Muslims. An example of this is the impression Muslim traders implanted on the minds of the non-Muslims with whom they traded. It is worth noting that not a single Muslim soldier ever set foot in the most populous Muslim country in the world today, Indonesia, yet the whole country became Muslim through the dawah and example shown by the Muslim traders. Implement the good that you learn, for knowledge without action is a curse.


Graphic designers, programmers and audio engineers are just some of the people to offer their expertise to the Al Kawthar Academy. If you feel you can benefit the Academy then please forward us your details stating where you can help. If you are not in a position to help us directly due to time restraints or any other reason then you could give us some suggestions in regard to the area that you specialise in.