Pearls of Wisdom 2

A few more pearls of wisdom taken from some of the majalis (gatherings for spiritual training) held by  Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq in 1998:

•    Hub-e-Jaah (love of name,fame and recognition) is normally the last  thing that leaves a person’s heart even though the other spiritual ailments like love of wealth and dunya may have been removed.

•    Ishraafun Nafs (longing of the nafs for something wordly; whether it is big or small) is something which must be eradicated from the heart .

•    Repeatedly opposing the the nafs suppresses the natural illnesses. For example, if a person feels angry, he should remain calm,silent and forbearing. If a person feels miserly, he should spend openly.

•    The heart cannot reach Allah if it is engrossed in desires and passions. One must annihilate the nafs and passions because these are obstacles to spiritual purification and they cause problems to oneself and others.

•    Love of the akhirah and the dunya cannot co-exist in the same heart;  the same applies with pride and imaan.

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