Provisions of Taqwa

We should always prepare for, and be mindful of the terminator of all pleasures: death. Below is an English translation of a beautiful Arabic poem where the author reminds us to prepare provisions of Taqwá:

Oh Man! Prepare your provisions of Taqwa

For indeed you do not know when the night settles with its darkness if you will remain alive till Fajr

For there are many young men who spend their morning and evening and their days laughing and in jest even though whilst they were enjoying and laughing their shrouds had already been determined on Laylatul Qadr

And how many beautiful brides were there whose family beautified her for her groom

Even though both the souls of the groom and bride had already been seized on the night of Qadr

And how many little children were there whose small clothes had been sown

But those children never got to wear the clothes because their little bodies were entered into the darkness of the grave

And how many healthy people were there who died suddenly of no cause

And how many severely ill people were there who lived on for a very very long time

[This short excerpt is based on Lesson 175 of al Tajrid al Sarih (The Abridged Saheeh al-Bukhari) which was delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on Friday 30th November 2007 at Al Kawthar Academy].

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