ʿĀlimiyyah Course Online (16+)


This is a novel course offered by Al Kawthar Academy: a part-time online alimiyyah programme. It is a rigorous course following a traditional syllabus, combining academic study with spirituality.

  • There will be separate classes for brothers and sisters, taught in English by qualified ulama and alimat.
  • It is a dedicated online program, not a hybrid online-onsite course. Therefore, the instructors’ full focus and interaction will be with the students online.
  • Live sessions will be conducted over Zoom. Regular and punctual attendance at all these sessions is highly emphasised, and will be monitored. For use in occasional instances, however, recordings of live sessions will be available for 7 days only.

Course Outline and syllabus

Years 1–3: Arabic Language & Literature, Fiqh, Qur’an, Hadith

Successive years will continue subject to student progress.

Arabic Language

Students will learn and practice the foundational rules of nahw (grammar) and sarf (morphology).

Arabic Literature

Students will implement and consolidate their understanding of nahw and sarf through guided reading of developmental Arabic literature texts.


During these three years, students will study the rulings of purity, the four major acts of worship and marriage & divorce.
Alongside this, students will be gradually introduced to comparative jurisprudence, both intra and inter-


Students will begin studying the English translation of the Qur’an with brief context and commentary.
Through studying the translation and
how it is derived, students will gain a better understanding of the Arabic text, its structure and nuances.


Students will take their opening steps in the study of prophetic narrations, initially from the perspective of language and style, but with an increasing focus on context, commentary and moral lessons thereafter.

Dates and Timings

Course start date: Monday 28th August 2023

Timings for classes:

Monday – Thursday:  6:30pm – 9:40pm

Lesson 1

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

Lesson 4

6:30pm – 7:15pm

7:15pm – 8pm

8pm – 8:10pm

8:10pm – 8:55pm

8:55pm – 9:40pm

Friday: 7pm – 10pm

Lesson 1


Weekly Public Lecture by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

7pm – 8pm

8pm – 8:30pm

8:30pm onwards

Open Day Online Presentation: Sunday 20th August 2023 at 2pm

You can view the online open day 2023 presentation by clicking here

Please note that course availability, details, dates and timings are subject to change. Please register your interest early to secure a place. 


  • Minimum entry age for the course is 16.
  • No detailed knowledge of the Arabic language is necessary. However, students should at least be able to recognise and read the Arabic script of the Qur’an, even if it be slowly and without comprehension.
  • A stable internet connection, functioning microphone and private space are required.
  • This course is for UK students residing outside Leicester. We are currently unable to cater for students residing outside of the UK.


The course fee per annum is £1,100 which can be paid outright at the beginning of the year or as ten monthly instalments of £110 per month.

Direct debit information will be sent out to students once the enrolment process is complete. 

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