Below are testimonials from some of Al Kawthar Academy’s graduates and students.

“Al Kawthar Academy provided a pathway to another world, the world of ʿilm, wherein knowledge and spirituality combine to transform one’s connection with Creator and creation. Alongside the academic study of classical Arabic, fiqh, ḥadīth and tafsīr, my teachers also introduced me to the ancient and continuous tradition of scholarship stretching back to the Prophet ﷺ. This is an entirely different approach to learning, encompassing not just knowledge, but how to understand that knowledge, how to apply it, and how to integrate it with character, etiquette and spirituality in order that it might ultimately prove beneficial knowledge.” – Abdullah Bhayat, Teacher (Leicester)

“Very friendly, welcoming environment. All the teachers and students are kind and accepting. The teaching style is clear, easy to understand and detailed.” – Tahirah Chowdhury, Student (Leicester)

“The course gave me a new lease and focus to life. I am very fortunate to have been granted this life experience. My outlook on life has a stronger vision now where I am able to feel more confident in myself and further feel better as an individual and Muslim.” – Asad Arif, Solicitor (Peterborough)

“Alḥamdulillāh, I am coming to the end of my fifth year at Al Kawthar Academy. In this time at the madrasah, I have had the opportunity to develop a good grasp of the Arabic language which has facilitated my learning of numerous Islāmic sciences taught at the academy. Moreover, it has been the means for me to be in regular contact with and the company of many ʿulamāʾ whose wisdom and whose imparting of scholarly, Islāmic tradition has been invaluable. As a part-time course, it has allowed for me to pursue religious and secular education simultaneously and therefore acquire the best of both worlds.” – Husain Bhana, University Student (Leicester)

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