Arguing over Inches of land

Arguments and disputes over wealth are common. Siblings who grew up with each other argue over inches of land and fight over their dead parent’s inheritance. All love goes out of the window. That is how it can be even within families. 

We go to tribunals and stand before judges. We stand in court to make claims against each other – that he has taken my wealth, he has something that belongs to me, he has injured my feelings and therefore I want to sue him and so on. We want judgement in our favour in relation to obtaining wealth. This is common throughout the world.

The ṣaḥābah were so pure of heart. They were not interested in wealth. Allāhu Akbar! The Prophet ﷺ created a brotherhood between the ṣaḥābah. He made the muhājirūn the brothers of the Ansār. The Ansār said to the muhājirūn that we have orchards, palm groves and so on, and we want to give you half of our wealth. The muhājirūn refused to take it. What did the Ansār do? They went to the Prophet ﷺ, the Judge. They said that we want to make a claim against the muhājirūn as they will not accept our wealth. Eventually they came to an agreement and compromise – it was that the muhājirūn would take part of the produce of the Ansār but not take their land, orchards etc.  

That was the vision and understanding of the ṣaḥābah. May Allāh make us all pure of heart and grant us the same brotherhood and understanding amongst ourselves.

[This short excerpt is based on a lecture entitled ‘Traits of Hypocrisy Part 3’ delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on Friday 20th December 2019].

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