Create provisions of Taqwa

We are so obsessed with physical health and fitness with no regard for our spiritual health, yet anything can happen.

A poet says:

Oh son of Adam
Prepare for death
Create provisions of Taqwa
For indeed you do not know
When the night falls with its complete darkness
Whether you will survive until the morning
There are many young men who spent the morning and evening smiling and laughing
And unknown to them, their shrouds have already come down from the heavens
And there are many brides who have been beautified for their grooms
And the souls of both the bride and the groom have already been claimed on the night of Qadr
And there is many a little child
Whose clothes have been sewn (for the future)
But already their little bodies have been entered into the darkness of the graves
And there are many healthy people who have died suddenly without cause
And there are many ill people who have lived on for a great length of time

(note the poem was translated by the respected Shaykh from the original Arabic).

[This excerpt is based on a spiritual gathering held by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on 16th November 2014].

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