Guard Your Speech

We are very unguarded when it comes to speech. Bodily actions require a lot of motivation and energy. Speaking, in contrast, requires little effort. We have a habit of always speaking, making a comment or offering an opinion on matters that do not concern us.

Many scholars mention that if someone regards their speech as being deep, they will be more mindful of what they say and will ensure that they do not utter that which does not concern them. It is very easy to speak about things which do not concern us. Leave people be! We have a habit of commenting on people’s homes, clothing and so on; it is in our nature. We would not want anyone else commenting on our behaviour, speech and appearance. Why would we want to do it to others? As the Prophet said in the ahadith, ‘Control your tongue.’ This is specifically in times of fitnah.

[This short excerpt is based on a talk entitled ‘Concern Yourself with Yourself‘ which was delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on Friday 1st February 2019 at Al Kawthar Academy]

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