Pearls of Wisdom 1

Below are some pearls of wisdom taken from a few majalis (gatherings for spiritual training) held by  Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq in 1998:

•    Part of the cure to the diseases of the heart is to realise their dangers and how they manifest themselves in a person.

•    If a person does not work on purifying his inner, his external actions of ibaadat (worship) will be lifeless and hollow and such actions will fail to achieve what they are supposed to achieve. For example  if a person fails to remove pride and arrogance from his heart,even in sajdah (prostration) he will be arrogant which will defeat the purpose of sajdah in the first place.

•    By remembering death often, a person can remove love of the dunya (worldly life) from his heart.

•    Rivalry in dunya is a major distraction. For example, a person may long for something another has such as wealth but this may lead to his destruction.

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