The Progression of Backbiting

An excerpt from the lecture, ‘The Madinan Society: A Tafsir of Surat al-hujurat – Part 9
Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on 20th September 2016 at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester

Full Talk: The Madinan Society: A Tafsir of Surat al-Hujurat – Part 9

It is well known that backbiting is a major sin in Islam, but how does this compare to the vivid example that Allah mentions in the Qur’an? The root of this sin, as explained in the Qur’an, begins with a simple thought. This conjecture and speculation leads to suspicion which results in a person sharing their thoughts with others.

There could be many reasons as to why someone has said or done something, but does that give us permission to backbite against them? Many of us would prefer that others gave us the benefit of doubt when it comes to our own mistakes and ill judgement, so we should exercise the same thoughts when looking at someone else’s actions.

Find out in this excerpt how backbiting is described in the Qur’an and what the gradual progression is leading up to this sin.

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