Ramadan: A Spiritual Month

‘Ramaḍān: A Spiritual Month’ – Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester (United Kingdom) on Friday 13th July 2012

Human beings are unique as compared to the rest of creation because our state is always fluctuating. As our state is not static, it means we can rise to the spiritual heights of angels or fall from grace to be worse than cattle.

However, the unique and distinctive feature infused within humans as appose to all other creatures is the rūḥ (spirit). True essence of life is founded through the rūḥ rather than the body and it requires nourishment similar to the body. Concentration on the body has resulted in negligence towards the rūḥ, resulting in humans sharing similar characteristics with cattle.

The rūḥ being celestial and divine requires divine nourishment. For this reason, Ramaḍān and all its teachings have been made obligatory to divert attention from all other distractions and thereby revive the spirit and allow it to blossom and rise. Ramaḍān is a spiritual month since it gains its significance from the divine Qur’ān.

This talk outlines the ultimate objective of Ramaḍān and how to truly appreciate this blessed month in a way that it creates a lasting momentum throughout the year.

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