Remember the Terminator of all Pleasures

أكثروا ذكر هاذم اللذات يعني الموت

”Remember the terminator of all pleasures i.e. death.” [Tirmidhi]

In the above hadeeth we are being reminded to remember the terminator of all pleasures. This is why we are instructed to visit graves and remember death, because death is something that awaits every one of us. The believers have been instructed to take part in funerals for which there is a special reward. Funerals also remind us of death, and when a Muslim dies, his or her bathing, shrouding, the funeral prayer, and burial are an obligation upon all Muslims. If these things are not done, all Muslims of that area are sinful. The deceased has a right over all of the people in the vicinity.

[This short excerpt is from Lesson 166 of the Book of Funerals of al Tajrid al Sarih (Abridged Saheeh al-Bukhari) which was delivered on by Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq 17th August 2007].

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