The Daybreak A Tafsir of Surat al-Fajr [Surah 89] – Part 1

The Daybreak A Tafsīr Of Sūrat al-Fajr Part 1 of 3 – Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on 30th November 2014 at Al Kawthar Academy (Leicester)

The first part of this tafsīr mentions three nations which utilised the favours of Allah to beautify their surrounding yet failed to prevent the corruption of themselves. As a result the punishment of Allah was poured upon them.

Recounting these accounts of perished nations served as reassurance for Rasulullah ﷺ and the Sahabah رضى الله عنهم and a warning to the enemies of Allah.

In conclusion the relevance of these verses for today’s age is explained.

Below are some of the timecodes and topics relating to this talk:

8:49 – What are the overall themes of Sūrat al-Fajr?
14:31 – What does ‘The Daybreak’ refer to?
24:38 – Which 10 nights are being referred to in this Surah?
32:18 – When is it proper to pray Tahajjud?
39:24 – What is the meaning of ‘Aql’?
46:36 – How does one gain greater understanding, Intelligence & Wisdom?
52:55 – Who were the People of ʿĀd?
59:52 – Who were the people of Thamud?
1:06:49 – What is our purpose & destiny?
1:13:30 – Why did Allah mention these accounts of perished nations?
1:19:19 – What Relevance do these verses have for us?
1:26:47 – Take Heed..Be Mindful of Allah.

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