Welcoming Ramadan Part 3

Welcoming Ramaḍān Part 3/4 – Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq at Al Kawthar Academy (Leicester)

Below are some of the timecodes and topics relating to this talk:

6:55 – What will happen to those who are arrogant?
13:44 – How did Harun al-Rashid reply to someone who spoke to him harshly?
18:03 – The teachings of the Messenger ﷺ are for our welfare
25:24 – What happens when Ramaḍān arrives?
29:04 – Fasting is for Allah
33:36 – How worthless is insincerity whilst fasting?
41:50 – Who is the true desolate person?
45:59 – How is fasting a shield?
49:37 – How does fasting purify a person’s body, mind & soul?
54:26 – How should one conduct themselves while fasting?
1:06:44 – Does fasting help control our anger?
1:16:13 – What should one do when someone provokes them while fasting?
1:21:59 – How does Allah view the odour emitting from a fasting person?

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