Frequency of Salat & Salam

An excerpt from the talk, ‘Benedictions & Salutations on the Prophet ﷺ
Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on Friday 23rd February 2018 at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester (UK)

Full talk: Benedictions & Salutations on the Prophet ﷺ

The benefits of sending benedictions and salutations upon the Prophet ﷺ are well documented, but how frequently should a believer send their salat and salam upon him?

Ubay ibn Ka’b r.a narrates a lengthy hadith where he asked the Prophet ﷺ how much of his prayer and supplication should he devote to sending salat and salam. The Prophet ﷺ allowed him to send as much as he wished, but encouraged that more is better. Ubay ibn Ka’b eventually came to the conclusion that devoting his entire supplication to sending salat and salam would be the most beneficial.

Find out in this excerpt how frequently a believer should send salat and salam upon the Prophet ﷺ and what reward is reserved for one who devotes their entire supplication to this.

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